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  • Kelley

Why God?

There was a time that God had us visit with relatives for a family reunion. Many were going to attend and stay for a few days. The ones who were hosting the reunion were the ones who had come against me and my family. I did not want to go because what they did crippled us as a family. I went because I loved someone so much and God needed to show them truth.

On our way driving there in the car, fear had gripped me. I was scared. I felt the fear come over me. I did not want to go. I said, “why God. Why are you doing this to me.” I wanted to be obedient to God. It was one of the most difficult things I had to do because those who had come against us I had loved so much and couldn’t understand why they would do what they did. I was afraid. I felt so alone because I did not have anyone to stand with me. I was amongst haters and they had believed many lies because of what others had spoke against us.

Well, on our way there, God had a truck pass by and on this truck was a painting of an actual demon and it was held back in chains. Right there, I knew that God was with me. I am not saying, I was ready to go because I wasn’t. I knew I had to trust God even though I had no idea what to expect. I was there for one reason only and that was because God was going to open someone’s eyes to see truth. The enemy was held back and the battle was the Lords that weekend. No words were spoken against me, only the eyes of the one were open to see the sneakiness, the lies, chatter, discord and division. Gods love and grace allowed me to go. Otherwise I wouldn’t have gone. Believe me. God actually gave me joy during that time because I was obedient in going.

The reason why I am writing this is because some have gone through some horrific ordeals. God has seen all you have gone through. He has been by your side. You are not alone. He wants to bring healing to you and set you free from past traumas.

In fact, his love will bring in the healing. Time in his presence will burn it all up.

Heart Two Heart

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