• Kelley

Winds of Change

As I am sitting here writing this, I see a woman and she is wearing a summer dress with a floppy hat on the top of her head. She is walking along the sandy beach, not where the ocean hits the sand, but along the dry sand. She has no shoes on her feet. Her shoes are in her hands. As she walks along the beach, I see the wind and it starts to pick up and her hat starts to lift up off her head. She is able to catch it in time just before it blows away.

I hear the Father saying my winds of change are here. Don’t try to stop where I am taking you. Just let my winds take you where it may go. You have to learn to trust me in all your uncertainties. I am a Father that loves to surprise their children. I want to surprise you. I want your joy to be filled with love. For it is my commandment that you love one another so that your joy may be full. Let me continue to love upon you. Let my love bring in the changes that need to take place. I am by your side always. Learn to let go of the past and let me take you into the new.

You have been dreaming about this and now I am ready for all your dreams to come true. I am ready to accelerate you. I am ready to take your further. Yes, many surprises await you. You have been faithful to me. You have not given up. Trust me now son, daughter. For it is your time to shine. So shine brightly for me. Shine, shine, shine. I love you, I always have and I always will.

His Heart Speaks

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