• Kelley

Women/Men of Steel

My sons points out a sign to me in a sandwich shop. It said the word STEEL. It was the Steelers football emblem but it only said steel on it. Which I thought was odd. Not too long after that, I get an email with the title of using the word steel within it.

So, I asked the Lord what are you trying to say. Here is what HE said...

I have made you like steel. Like steel to take the blows that come from the wicked one. He can not penetrate you. You are no longer a victim but a victor. Run, run this race with me. You will break through the walls of impediment in your life, but not only yours but others.

Woman of steel!

Women of steel come on! Be strong in the Lord and the power of HIS might!

You got this! The enemy will not win because we are VICTORIOUS!

Yes, men take this for yourself as well.

Steel holds up under pressure. It is used for building. Superman was a man of steel!! 👊🏻⚔️


His Heart Speaks

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