Words of Encouragement

God is on your side. Don’t doubt for one moment that he has left your side. He is there. He is cheering you on. I have not left you and you have not failed me. I want to take you higher, higher into my Kingdom. I want to dwell among you. I want you to see the goodness of my heart towards you. Things will not be the same and you will rise above it for I placed upon you a mantle. My mantle to bring others into my kingdom. For it is not by might not by power, but by my spirit. You shall carry it and carry it well.


Like a bulldozer that tears things down that is in its way, I see this in the spirit. I see many of you tearing down what has stopped you from moving forward. You will move forward. YOu will become everything that I have created you to be. No fear. I have not marked you with fear, But I have marked you with love.

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