Words Of Encouragement

For someone you don’t know your worth, your value.

I hear God saying you are priceless. God thinks highly of you. He says you are blessed. You are not cursed.

One step at a time. God will show you the way. The way in which he wants you to go.

There is someone who needs to know that God loves you.

As I was sitting on my chair the Lord said someone needs to hear that. Also, you have not failed God and God will not fail you.

You have tried and tried but now God is saying leave it in my hands.

Be blessed because the Lord is with you.

God is getting ready to do something brand new in your life. Get excited.

You have waited and waited and your moment has come.

God is about to do something amazing in your life. You would have not even expected it. It is not something you prayed about or asked for. God is just good. Thank Him and praise Him for his goodness.

We can’t always see how God is moving. It is just a matter of trust. Trust Him.

God is turning things around for you good.

I declare a turnaround testimony is coming your way in Jesus name!

God is thinking about you right now. In fact he is always thinking about you.

One thing I know for sure set your sights upon him.

Set your minds on the things that are above, not on the things that are on earth. Colossians 3:2

Keep your face like flint.

For someone you are going through a difficult situation. He will help you and help you to overcome. God will never leave you alone. God will never leave you to do things on your own. He is your helper.

Lord, I ask that you would pour out your love upon the one who is facing difficult times. You say in your word that you will never leave them nor forsake them.

That is Gods promise.

I hear the Lord say stay in his word. He will calm the storms around you.

God wants you to continuously lean upon him in this season.

This is for the one where things have not worked out like you would have liked. However, God is encouraging you for this new season to lean on him. Don’t go by what you are seeing in the natural.

Praise the Lord.

He is worthy of your praise.

The Lord says put on a garment of praise for the heaviness that you are feeling. God will lift you up and above it. This day will turn around. Remember that tomorrow is a brand new day.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe God has something good for you when you feel like you have gone through so much. God does have so much for you. The enemy would love for you to believe that you don’t deserve the goodness of God. That is a lie. God wants to deliver you, heal you and make you whole. He wants you to be able to function and enjoy his presence and the fruit of who he is.

You have value and purpose and God is going to prove that to you. Why? Because he loves you.

With him you can do all things.

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