Words Of Encouragement

Jesus is with you and I see someone standing upon the Rock. You are standing on solid ground. Nothing will cause you to waver. You will be able to see clearly because you are sure in who you are and who you are standing upon.

You will Not be taken out because of your standing upon him.

For someone God is not finished with you.

You have so much to look forward too.

You have so much to live for.

Remember, Gods word says, to be of good cheer for he has overcome the world.

God is good and he is still working and he still sits in that throne.

He is still in charge and he is still working in your life.

I have been seeing signs of new life.

Butterflies represent new life. Baby birds being birthed from a nest outside my home.

I declare that this is your week of new beginnings and of refreshing days ahead .

For someone God is your protector.

He is watching out for you.

He is holding you in the palms of his hands.

He will never leave you.

He stands with you and beside you.

You are not going at this alone.

I am by your side.

I sensed that the Lord is going to pick someone up. They have been facing some depression and the Lord is going to lift you up.

I come against all depression. Lord, fill them up with your love.

Father, I know what it was like to feel depressed and lonely. So Lord I ask that today you will come in a take away any thoughts of and depression and even suicidal thoughts.

You are so wanted and loved by the Lord. So valued and needed.

God will turn you mourning into laughter.

For someone you will see those sunny skies again. It’s not over. Things are just beginning.

You have not lost track. God is putting you on the right track and this time you will stay there.

Even though there may be many distractions and even confusion surrounding you, God will not allow you to become lost.

He is keeping you on track. Trust God even when you cannot see.

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