Words of Encouragement

I declare a rapid restoration over the things lost in your lives. May the Lord restore back to you a 100 fold blessing.

To the broken and down-trodden, God see’s. God see’s your needs. I hear Him say I am about to prosper you. I Am about to bring you into good health.

Trust the Lord in every process. In all that he takes you through. He is in control. He has it all worked out.



I keep hearing the word turnaround.

I then began to see a vision and in this vision I saw the Lord and a ballerina and she was twirling around and around. The Lord was turning her around.

I declare a turnaround in your life. I declare the new upon you.

Open your eyes says the Lord, for the new things shall come. The new thing is here.


While I was praying. I heard the Lord say for someone.

I am making a way for him. I am making a way of escape for him. I will not fail him.

Pressure from without and pressures from within. It feels like he is going to burst.

No, Says the Lord. Not on my watch. I am pulling him out.

There is no temptation to strong that the Lord your God cannot pull you out of.

It’s done. God has done it! It is finished.


I’ve got this!

God is going to settle the matter once and for all. You have done and said enough. Now rest in knowing HE has it under control.

I also sense that the Lord is going to give someone bite size pieces. The scripture I am hearing is: Taste and see that the Lord is good. He is not going to give it to you all at once, but he is going to give you bite size pieces to savor. 😋

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