Words of Encouragement

You will arise above the storms in your life. The Lord will lift you higher.

Drop all things and run to Him. Run into His arms. He will bring you above it all.

I am standing at the door knocking will you let me in?

Let the Lord be your escape. Draw near to Him and he will draw close to you.

The Lord has kept me this far because I would continually fall to my knees. I needed Him. I was desperate for Him. He has not let me down yet, and he will not let you down.


It’s all going to be okay.

I will have my way.

Stay rooted and grounded in me.

I AM your blessed assurance.


Hearing the words Great expectancy . Be expectant. Don’t lose hope . Don’t give up and don’t give in. Expect great things.


While I was praying for you. I asked the Lord what was on his heart. I then began to hear the word tailspin.

Tailspin- a sudden and helpless collapse into failure, confusion, or the like.

I declare you will not be set in a tail spin. You will not fall you will not lose control. It is all in Gods hands and He is moving in his perfect timing.

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