Words To Encourage

For the one who is hurting. God is coming to heal your broken heart.

He knows it has not been easy. He will restore those years that you have lost from the pain.

This is a new season for you. When Spring comes everything is fresh and colorful. Everything starts to spring up again.

I am hearing the Lord say, new life. It’s going to become new for you. Do not doubt it, just believe it.

Great is Gods faithfulness to you.

God is faithful.

He is faithful to bring things about in your life.

I wanted to encourage you with this tonight…trust God even if it looks opposite right now. God is working and He is moving .

Beautiful things are coming your way.

I declare over you that you are about to see those beautiful things come your way!!

God makes things right.

Apart from Him we cannot do anything.

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord.

I declare that you will testify of great things.

For those going through a storm….

Let’s thank the Lord today.

He is good and his mercy is new every morning.

Lord, I lift up the ones reading this today. May they be strengthened through your word. May they find peace in their storm.

I am recalling when the disciples were on the boat with Jesus and he had fallen asleep. The boat was rocking and they were fearful and anxious. However, Jesus kept on sleeping until they woke him up.

He spoke the words, “peace be still.”

May the peace of the Lord rule in your heart today.

God will turn your situations around for your good.

If God is for you then who can be against you.

I declare that you will speak of a turnaround testimony in Jesus name!

Let your faith arise and see your enemies scatter!

If God is for you then who can be against you.

Jesus is for you. He is by your side.

Don’t Allow your past to stop you from moving into your future. Gods plans for you are for good and not for evil. God will stop at nothing to make sure that the plans for your life succeed. Do you believe this?

The enemy may try to stop you but you will overcome. God is on your side. It does not matter who is or who isn’t. He is with you. Let him lead you. Let him guide you after all he is the Great I AM!

If these words have blessed you prayerfully consider sowing into this ministry.

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