Words to Encourage

To the one who is broken hearted, May God bring that very thing that is causing you pain and turn it around into his complete joy.

God is the one to restore. He is the one to restore your joy.

You will not lack.

I prophesy that you will see restoration of those things that were stolen from you .

I am

Hearing the word abundance.

May you experience the abundance of Gods goodness to be poured out upon your life.

~Trust God in all things. There were times in my life I did not understand why things happened the way that they did but I knew that I could trust in Jesus. He was the one that showed himself strong on my behalf. The Lord will not let you down.

Things may not happen when you expect them to or how you would like, but trust in the one who is working all things out for your good.

He has the best in mind for you.

~I hear the Lord say that He is coming with healing in his wings.

May the Lord bring his healing touch and bring healing into every area of your life.

~While waiting upon the Lord this morning I began to hear the Lord say for those who need to hear:

Each day I am near you. I will never leave your side. Set your hopes on me again. Allow me into the deepest places of your heart. Allow me to bring the turnaround I would like within your lives. Nothing needs to be rushed, all at my pace and in my timing. Trust me for I will see you through all things. This is my promise to you.

I am getting ready to do something new in your lives. Learn to trust me in all things. Relying heavily upon me and my word.

~I am going to move in your life in unprecedented ways. I am already moving. You may not feel it, but I am. I am working where you cannot see. You haven’t gotten it all wrong.

Sometimes you just need to take a step back to get a better persepective or an idea on how to move forward.

I see someone needing to take a step back as if looking at a painting. This is so they can see the whole picture and determine the way in which to precede next.

If this ministry has blessed you consider sowing a seed.

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