Words to Encourage

I don’t know what you are going through, but you will see the victory!


Let’s not forget that God is a big God!

He knows exactly what you need and when you need it.

He supplies all of your needs according to his riches and glory through Christ Jesus.

I prophesy that you will not experience lack and God will give you all you that you need.

Change is imminent. Change will take place.

I heard My best is yet to come.

Opening doors

Advancement and fulfillment of promises.

Gods opening doors. Opening doors of provision I am even hearing. This is a time of advancement and fulfillment of his promises.

This is Gods plan. All things will work together for good.

For someone today to encourage you:

I am working on your behalf. Lay those burdens down at my feet. They belong to me.

Did I not say that I would take care of you?

I will take care of you and your family. I will equip you with all that you need.

God sees you and when you are hurting he hurts with you.

You are never alone. The Lord is with you. One thing, when I do deal with pain or hurt, I run into my Heavenly Fathers arms. He is my source of comfort and healing.

At times, when I was going through painful circumstances, I had to do it daily. I would run into his arms. Tears would come to my eyes, but I felt his love. I felt his embrace.

I would also journal what I felt and told Him exactly how I feel. At times it wasn’t always easy to hear his voice because the circumstances seemed so big. But, I knew he was there. I knew he was by my side listening to everything I would say.

I want to encourage the one who is hurting, the Lord brings healing through your tears. It’s beautiful. It’s a moment between you and the Lord and it is to draw you closer to him.

For someone I hear the Lord say You are not stuck.

The Lord has you in waiting.

It’s okay to wait.

The best is yet to come!

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