Words to Encourage You

~Let me encourage you with this word…

God says to call on the name of Jesus and he shall rescue and you shall give him the glory. You shall give him your praise.

No matter what you are going through God is going to rescue you!

~While waiting upon the Lord today, I was lead to read Psalm 148.

God wants our Praise.

For some praising God can seem like a task maybe even a burden to you. That is what I am feeling that some of you may even be finding it difficult to praise His name.

He wanted all things to praise His name.

I thought it was interesting in verse 3. He told the sun, moon, and stars…Keep it up!!!

Don’t stop now you twinkling stars of light! (We are also his lights)

Don’t stop now!

Your praise is your weapon.

~God is up to something good. No matter what it looks like he is always working.

I want to encourage you to press on.

Keep moving forward.

For someone the Lord is not disappointed in you. He sees your efforts and your hard work. I have not discounted you out.

Don’t discount yourself. Believe in yourself once again. Stir yourself up.

Remember Gods gifts and callings are without repentance.

I hear the Lord say for someone I am teaching you something new. I am not sure if it’s a form of art and for another something to do with computers. Something new is opening before you. Be open to what the Lord May say or show you. A new venture and it’s something to be excited about.

~God is good and He will not let you down. You have been faithful to Him. That is what matters. Continue to trust him and he will see you through.

~I remember asking the Lord to help me do something. It wasn’t easy to do because it could go one way or the other, but I needed to approach someone after many years because the Lord was asking me to do so. I did not question the Lord because he made it very clear to me what I was to do.

It wasn’t easy, but I did what God wanted me too. I was obedient to him.

Sometimes God will just ask us to do something and nothing may come of it. He is just testing our obedience.

I hope this may help someone today.

Obedience to him is so important.

~God says in James 1:5 if any man lack wisdom let him ask of me and I will gladly give it to them.

If you are in need wisdom just ask Him. He will bring clarity to you. This journey may have been a long one and God wants to show you His perfect way, His perfect plan.

God’s plan is always best.

I hear the Lord say, I am determined to see you through.

~Just embrace the Father’s love that he has for you. That is what he is wanting from you. Embrace me and hold me tight.

I see the Lord wrapping his arms around you.

I am also hearing for someone else this is your time. Your time to light your light shine. 💡 ☀️

If these words have encouraged you please drop a comment below. If you feel led to sow into these words or into this ministry, please sow below. Thank you and may the Lord bless you!

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