Did you or do you feel as if no one loves you? Or if you tried to love someone else only to be rejected by them? Maybe you even gave them everything you had to show them your love and they refused it or did not love you back in return. In fact, maybe someone betrayed you or physically or emotionally hurt you.


There is a love that is enough. One in which you never have to repay or work to have it. One in who loves you for who you are no matter the mistakes you’ve made, the heartache you have faced or maybe the hurt or pain you have caused others even to yourself. God loves you so much more than you could ever realize.


Imagine having a love that fulfills everything you have always wanted and more. Imagine loving someone and that love is all you need. His love is more than enough. My journey is about the pain I had to endure and all that pain finally led me to my Heavenly Father’s arms.


Finally Found...

Finally Found (Kindle Version)